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So this year there are some incredible local brands that have been on my radar, and tempting me on my Instagram feed, so in my head I had a small wish list that I wanted to spoil myself with. I’d like to continue to support local as there really are some amazing products out there and anyway, why support big chain stores when you can spread some love and help grow a small business?!

Here are some of the things on my list:

These beauties are from The Ostilly Collection. I particularly love their range of earrings and they can really make an outfit pop. I’m not a dangly earring kinda gal but something really drew me to these! I suddenly found myself thinking of outfits that I could pair them with.

Next was a something from Sunny + Bear – it was an easy choice when I saw their Cami Sleeveless top (regular length). It’s classic, with really sleek detail- LOVE the press-studs going down the back & the fold it creates! Their range of 100% linen clothes is so simple yet stunning. Do yourselves a favour & check out their website or Instagram handle.

Another great brand, with an insanely stunning range of handmade shoes is Sweetpeas. Holy moly! I really struggled to settle on one pair when faced with their Black Friday special. They have such a variety to choose from and boy are they comfy! These are a must-have for your summer wardrobe!

Just some of their styles available: taken from their website

This is the Rose Gold Snake Havana that I went for:

Last, but definitely not least, was my need for an item from Roo & Bear Conscious Apparel. As you can see from the name, this is a brand with integrity and this is why I love it so much. So not only do they have a beautiful range of clothes, they also have our furry friends in mind (and our planet!) and a percentage of turnover goes to the animals. Yay! The clothes are locally made with organic hemp & cotton (sustainable) and their clothing tags are sourced from Growing Paper (another super cool brand), and you can plant it and grow some flowers/herbs! Genius! I chose their sleeveless shirt (below). Check out their new website here!

They have also just brought out these awesome Minimalist slogan tee’s which I absolutely adore!

If you have some great local brands you’d like me to check out, pop me a mail or leave me a comment!

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