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    Decorating with plants

    Spread the lovePlants can be a great feature in any room and can easily be used to fill a dead space or liven up an area. And if you haven’t got green fingers, there are some really nice faux plants around at the moment. The thing with plants is that they are so versatile and there are endless possibilities: put a palm in a basket, or a delicious monster leaf in a vase and create areas of interest with them. You can also find such great planters, ceramics, baskets etc. to put them in. Don’t be shy to mix and match! Here are some ideas: Some plants I have had…

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    Alcohol-free for the win!

    Spread the loveMy last post noted alcohol-free drinks as one the hot trends for 2019 and boy are we spoilt for choice these days with all the alcohol-free options available. This is super exciting for the preggy ladies out there, for the non drinkers and maybe those that are designated drivers for the night! Check out these awesome options that have recently landed at Yuppiechef: Artemis – Uplifting Botanical Alcohol-Free Cocktail Refreshing, invigorating non-alcoholic drink infused with Sceletium and Sutherlandia Based on the classic vodka, bitter lemon mix, Artemis consists of vodka flavour, 9% fresh lemon juice, lemon peel and grapefruit with a pinch of green peppercorn Low in sugar with only…

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    2019 Food Trends

    Spread the loveCrush online magazine have recently featured an article on the food trends for this year and quite frankly, I think they are bang on! Here is their list: SUSTAINABILITY, ETHICAL EATING, TRACEABILITY VEGANISM AND PEGANISM (read their article for definitions) LESS PACKAGING MORE THOUGHT – yes!! LOW OR NO ALCOHOL DRINKS (MOVE OVER MOCKTAILS) OAT MILK CULTURALLY DIVERSE FOOD SEED BUTTERS SEAWEED DEPOSITS AT RESTAURANTS MEAL KITS REAL BREAD CRUNCHY CRITTERS TRENDS THEY SEE HANGING AROUND FOR A WHILE STILL… Fermented foods (kimchi, kefir etc) poke, superfoods, smoothie bowls, nose to tail eating/offal, turmeric, florals, botanical and gin! I for one am truly happy that the Gin trend is sticking around! and lately I’ve seen…

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    Local Skincare brands

    Spread the loveI’ve been very excited lately to see some amazing local skincare ranges popping up on my Instagram feed. I’m all about natural (where possible) and the packaging and branding of some of them are really gorgeous and they make me want to try them all. I must admit, the one that I have been eyeing out the most is Skin Creamery. Skin Creamery The Skin Creamery vision is to instill a daily ritual of simple self-care, which translates into a loving appreciation for who you are, just as you are. Throughout the years, Hannah has remained committed to using only the finest organic ingredients. This means each component…

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    Spread the loveOne of my favourite decor trends at the moment is the use of naturals: natural shades, natural materials, natural textures and so on. There are such great products out there to create the look and some are so incredibly versatile. Take for example the Malawi chair. The simple Malawi chair is my absolute best! It can be your choice for dining room chairs, you can place one in the corner of a bedroom, in an entrance hall or on your veranda. They can be natural or painted and you can spruce it up with a patterned scatter or leave it without- either way they look amazing. Some other…

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    Birthday wishlist

    Spread the loveIts my birthday month, yeah! So I have swiftly moved from my Christmas wishlist to my birthday one! Here are some things I have been eyeing out: Sandals from Kalimera Studs from Robyn Real Jewels Pajamas from Anna-Louise Sleepwear Half sun ring from Elio clothing Bikini’s from Heart Stuff Home Time Sleepwear Toiletry bag from Moth Home Kikoy from Kikoy-za Book: 21 Lessons For The 21st Century Maybe you want to add some of these to your birthday lists too 🙂

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    Do your bit for the planet

    Spread the loveI’ve definitely noticed a drive on social media in recent times about being more conscious of our consumption habits, using green products, staying away from single-use plastics etc. This is really great, especially in creating awareness. I know I have tried to make more conscious decisions around things I buy and use and hope that you have too. I can attribute most of my better decisions to the online store: Faithful to Nature. They have really made this journey so much easier by exposing me to natural and organic products that are better for the earth. They have excelled in creating a safe haven where your shopping experience…

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    Picnic Essentials

    Spread the loveThese Autumn days are perfect for picnics, soaking up the warm sun with friends and enjoying being outdoors. Lucky for you, everything you need for the perfect picnic experience can be found on Yuppiechef! They really have an awesome selection of things to make your picnic sophisticated and easy! And absolutely no excuse for packing ugly plastic plates, cups and cutlery! Here are some things that caught my eye: Stemless wine glasses for the win; gorgeous picnic blankets from Indigi Designs (find more on their website); wine holder bag; stunning plastic crockery, cutlery & essentials, and don’t forget your eco-friendly straws! Grab a bottle of bubbly and some…

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    Manage your money like a F*cking Grownup

    Spread the loveFor some of you, this book needs no introduction! But for those of you that have not seen this book yet, or were on the fence about buying a copy, GO GET IT! While I don’t think I’m stupid when it comes to money, I certainly don’t know enough yet and this book has given me some excellent tips and a way forward.  It really is worth the read if you could do with a plan or a guide on what to do next or just a bit more knowledge on certain aspects. Sam has the most wonderful writing style and she really draws you in with her…

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    Coming Soon: Lula Rugs

    Spread the loveI was SO excited to receive Lula Fabrics‘ newsletter on 17 January! They have such amazing fabrics and products and now they’ll be launching a range of rugs and I cannot wait! Made from recycled T-shirt cotton- what’s not to love?! And those prints! Check out the details below: I’ll let you know when they are available for purchase! But in the mean time, check out their other products here