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We have recently returned from a two week holiday in Mauritius. It was our third time visiting the island, and it never disappoints. In fact, it replenishes my soul every time.

The first two trips there were jam-packed with activities and sight-seeing and doing everything we could in the time we had. So this time, it was all about relaxing, soaking up the sun, people & food. There is nothing quite as satisfying as spending half of every day on the most incredible beach. The days where the hardest decisions are tea or coffee, and where we are going to have lunch, are simply wonderful.

One of the things that I was amazed by when going shopping at the local supermarket, Super U, was just how many health products they have to offer. They have a massive selection of everything you can think of, from teas to whole foods, to chips to cosmetics. There are brands I have never seen before or heard of, just so much to choose from! They have bio-degradable bags for fruit & veg; they don’t have plastic shopping bags for sale and they have big cages on the beaches for plastic bottles. They really seem to making a big effort to encourage people to be more environmentally aware.

Here are some pics from our holiday:


We found this gem of restaurant called Eat With Fingers- it serves delicious vegan food. Unfortunately we only found it towards the end of our holiday, otherwise we definitely would’ve visited them again!

When in Mauritius, one must always support SA local spots, like the Beach House & one of our new faves, Kristen’s Kickass Ice-cream:

Pereybere Beach

Definitely one of the best swimming beaches in Mauritius

Blue Bay

Everything else Mauritius

Most photos were taken with a Huawei P20 Pro and some with an Apple Iphone 6.

If you haven’t been to Mauritius, it really is the most wonderful place for a holiday- put it on your bucket list!


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