Manage your money like a F*cking Grownup

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For some of you, this book needs no introduction! But for those of you that have not seen this book yet, or were on the fence about buying a copy, GO GET IT!

While I don’t think I’m stupid when it comes to money, I certainly don’t know enough yet and this book has given me some excellent tips and a way forward.  It really is worth the read if you could do with a plan or a guide on what to do next or just a bit more knowledge on certain aspects.

Sam has the most wonderful writing style and she really draws you in with her quirky sense of humour. It’s just so easy to read and understand and before you know it, you’ll be half way through it and heading for the finish line with a wealth (excuse the pun!) of knowledge & good advice behind you.

I literally haven’t read a book in years and I thoroughly enjoyed it and managed to finish it in two weeks, with only reading a bit in the evenings and on weekends.

For those of you that want to empower yourselves financially, this is the book for you and I only paid R149 on Takealot.

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