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There are some pretty awesome local clothing brands at the moment & who wouldn’t want to support a small business rather than giving your money to a corporate? I for one would rather have items I know have been made with love and have integrity- so if you are looking for some local brands to buy from, look no further:

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty clothes are such incredible quality and will last you ages. They have a sale on at the moment too, don’t miss out!

With environmental awareness, ethical trading and integrity underpinning the label’s philosophy, Sitting Pretty is particular about sourcing natural and environmentally friendly fibres such as organic cottons and hemps.

Earthling & Moon

They are about to release their new range so sadly most of the items below are sold out, but how gorgeous? their swimwear is a conscious collection made from regenerated ocean waste – Amazing!

Earthling & Moon is a range of locally crafted clothing and swimwear designed to be loved for seasons to come. 

Our fabrics are sourced locally, and our manufacturing is proudly South African. We employ a team of wonderful ladies in Cape Town and ensure fair and safe labour practices. 
Our swimwear fabric is sourced from Italy and is made from regenerated ocean waste. We have joined forces to support the “Healthy Seas” initiative in working towards cleaning up the planet’s waters from marine pollution. 
Our packaging is sustainable, plastic-free and reusable. Our fabric garment bags are made by a team of ladies living in the lower Molweni Valley. These are a group of ladies who are unemployed and live in impoverished conditions.  We are working to create a livelihood for them. 

Sweetpeas Handmade

Check out their website- they have lots of fabric colourways to choose from and of course some stunning sandals too.

The Sweet Peas collection is a rustic yet elegant Brand that is simplistic & sustainable with a flair of sophistication – aimed at delivering only the highest quality product and a collection that strikes the perfect balance between international influences and a South African everyday style.

Sunny the label

If you follow this brand, you’ll know that they recently changed from Sunny + Bear to Sunny the label. They have separated the kids wear (Sunny + Bear) and adult clothing. Some seriously gorgeous linen garments here- look out for their newly released melton wool coats.


Graydawn is proudly designed and manufactured locally with an ethical outlook and aims to provide work for the skillful women in our community.

Liv & Light

Their story:

The idea for LIV & LIGHT came about a few months ago when Gaby decided she wanted to combine her love for people, and in particular some of her patients that she felt especially connected with, and her passion for beautiful clothing. The idea was to empower ladies by sending them on sewing courses and then guide them in the making of beautiful garments – drawing from nature for inspiration and only using natural fibers. This line has now been named LIV & LIGHT – Created by Healed Hands.

Roo & Bear

Roo&Bear are an eco-friendly brand with 99% of the materials they use in their garments being made from environmentally friendly sourced components. They also donate 5% of all sales to reputable animal charities- awesome!

Elula Wear

Find them on Instagram: Elula.wear

n a t u r a l | e f f o r t l e s s | t i m e l e s s
100% pure linen women & men’s wear
proudly sa. dm to order.

I have recently watched a documentary called ‘The True cost’, which highlights who really pays the price when we buy clothes from big companies- hint, it’s the major impact on human health, working conditions of factory workers, the environment and so much more.

I highly recommend that everyone watches it. It reminds us to be more conscious about what we are supporting when we buy things.

So friends, if you have the luxury of choice, please try to spend your money on local brands like these, where you know how/who your clothes are made by and you know that you are not perpetuating this horrible thing called ‘fast fashion’.

We should all strive to have a connection with the hands and hearts that create our clothes.

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