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Hi everyone!! It’s been a while!

I have finally made some time to put together a blog post for you! I have spent many hours scrolling through Instagram of late and I am blown away by the amount of new local businesses popping up! This makes me very happy, and of course I have spent all my money in my head at least a hundred times over!

I decided to put together a little list of some of my favourite items that I have been swooning over, as I’m 100% certain that you guys will enjoy them and might want to support a local business! Click on the brand name to go straight to their websites.

Here are my top three from each brand:

Coal Interiors

Of course these guys are first on my list, and maybe you saw me raving about them on my IG stories?! They have the most stunning feed and products. I honestly love every single item they sell.

Luca & Lee

“Locally made Women’s wear designer garments made of great quality fabric.” These gorgeous items are from their ‘Bringer of the light’ collection. Simple perfection! I have definitely been eying out the Luca top (middle).

Shelby Finds

This little business sells the most gorgeous kantha quilts (100% cotton, block-printed) & the cutest tiger snack bowls! Visit their website to see all the quilt designs they have at the moment!

Skin Creamery

I’m not going to do a top three for this one, as much as all they products are amazing. I just wanted to showcase this one, because I have been eyeing it out. As we all know, winter skin can be a challenge and so the idea of a natural shower oil made with the loveliest ingredients is certainly worth a mention. I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe you’d like to?

Freedom of Movement

Wow, these guys just keep coming up with the goods! I need a winning lotto ticket! It was SUPER hard to choose only three faves from this brand and of course my number 1 handbag is called the ‘Kate’- it’s meant to be! They have ranges for guys and girls and their products are just awesome.

Sweetpeas Handmade

I feel like I have featured this brand on just about all my blog posts and there is a real reason why: they just have THE most gorgeous clothes & shoes. They are always expanding their offering and every piece is just wow. I absolutely adore them.

Meraki Jewellery

Who doesn’t love some beautiful jewellery?! This botanical pendant has to be one of the prettiest pieces I have seen!

Pennie and Me

This one’s for all of you with pets! Pennie and me make the most gorgeous metal and polymer ID tags for pets. I recently ordered one for our dog and am super chuffed with it. Their website is currently under construction but you can visit their facebook page or Instagram. They have such a lovely range- please check them out!

Hope you all enjoyed that!

We have such incredible local businesses, so please support them if you can!

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