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Some of you might feel a little overwhelmed when trying to make better choices for the environment through the products we use on a regular basis, so I thought I’d make things a little easier by pointing you to some useful info and tips, as well as products that are easily accessible.

Just some info on why choosing eco-friendly cleaning products is the better choice: The problem with most conventional cleaning products is that many contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to humans, water sources, aquatic life, or all three. These toxins reach water sources through septic systems and water treatment systems that are often not able to remove all toxins from recycled water. Try to keep this in mind when buying your next lot of cleaning things for your home please!

The good thing about this movement towards more eco-friendly options, is that big stores are coming on board and making these products more accessible for us. No excuses now!


People, have you seen Checkers’ new Simple Truth range?! If you haven’t, go onto their website and check out all their incredible products. From health foods to eco-friendly things, they have a huge selection. I am particularly excited about their eco-friendly cleaning range. Here are some of their awesome products, which you can easily swap to, instead of choosing your usuals. And… they are affordable! Go Checkers! I also threw in a pic of their coconut oil cooking spray, which also looks great- no nasties like some of those other cooking sprays!


Woolies have had an eco-friendly range for some time now, but I find that some stores in my area don’t always have stock- annoying. The range is vast though and worth looking at. Here are some items they have to offer:


Did you know that Cherubs has eco-friendly products, that are flushable and biodegradeable? You can buy them at most grocery stores, like Makro, Pick n Pay, Clicks, Takealot. Check out their cotton buds, cotton rounds & their face wipes:

Other products

If you visit a health shop near you or like to order online, here are some products to consider:

Plastic-free dental floss
Finally, here is a clever and earth-friendly way to start a fire, without using those chemical-laden firelighters. You’ll be able to warm up your heart and your home, not to mention start a non-toxic braai, safe in the knowledge that it’s completely free of pollutants and safe for the planet.
100% paraffin free
Low-odour and easy to handle
Made from recyclable material and clean-burning vegetable oils
Only natural colorants have been used
Long-burning for hours of use
– taken from Faithful to Nature
Soft, sustainable toilet tissue (two ply) make from sugar cane
Certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
All of the softness and all of the strength
Free from BPA, doxines, dyes and inks
Elemental chlorine free (ECF)
Paper wrapped rolls
100% recycled inner roll
100% plastic-free packaging

Experts estimate that the total energy cost of producing sugar cane paper is roughly 12% to 18% that of wood pulp paper. One fifth of the energy use, one fifth of the carbon emissions!
Taken (and available) from Faithful to Nature

Ditch or Switch

Some regular items you should consider ditching or switching:

  • switch your disposable razors to a stainless steel one
  • use bees wax food wraps instead of cling wrap
  • use material produce & grocery bags instead of plastic ones
  • ditch plastic straws for a stainless steel or bamboo straw instead
  • use compostable dental floss
  • silicone sandwich bags
  • try a shampoo bar instead of using shampoo in a plastic bottle
  • ditch your plastic water bottles for a stainless steel or other type reusable bottle
  • try a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one


  1. REDUCE – look out for plastic free or zero-waste shops near you where you can take your own containers to buy dry goods, nuts etc to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use.
  2. Choose loose fruit & veg where possible, as opposed to already pre-packed items
  3. RECYCLE – you don’t have to start a major recycling plant at home! Just start small (or don’t!) – get some bins to separate your recyclable items. You don’t need anything fancy!
  4. REUSE – Reuse glass jars from coffee, pickles etc., for storing pasta, seeds, nuts, granola, spices etc.
  5. Start a compost heap for food waste
  6. Encourage your friends & family to look after our planet!

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