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I’ve definitely noticed a drive on social media in recent times about being more conscious of our consumption habits, using green products, staying away from single-use plastics etc. This is really great, especially in creating awareness. I know I have tried to make more conscious decisions around things I buy and use and hope that you have too.

I can attribute most of my better decisions to the online store: Faithful to Nature. They have really made this journey so much easier by exposing me to natural and organic products that are better for the earth. They have excelled in creating a safe haven where your shopping experience is peaceful and completely painless.

There is a review section for each product and reading through these when looking for the right product is SO helpful. They also have a section on Best Sellers and new products which are great to browse through. The online store is awesome for gifting too! They have carefully sorted their products into the following categories: Food, Health, Beauty, Body, Baby & kids, lifestyle, home and gifts which makes it super easy to find what you are looking for. If you have a favourite brand, you can search for that too and you can also create your own shopping list/ wish list – brilliant for saving items you want to go back and buy at a later stage.

My absolute favourite is receiving my orders from them with their personalised notes and freebies to try.

Some of the products we have enjoyed using over the past couple of years are:

It’s a real pity this doesn’t come in a bigger bottle!
Great for anxiety!
This household cleaner is amazing, but the spray mechanism doesn’t always last very long 🙁
I use this every night, along with my night cream! Adore the smell!
I use the ‘no suprarein’ version

Click on the images & it will take you to the Faithful to Nature page where you can read the reviews and get more information on each product.

Start small, it all makes a difference!

Pic via redbubble.com

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