Decorating with plants

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Plants can be a great feature in any room and can easily be used to fill a dead space or liven up an area. And if you haven’t got green fingers, there are some really nice faux plants around at the moment. The thing with plants is that they are so versatile and there are endless possibilities: put a palm in a basket, or a delicious monster leaf in a vase and create areas of interest with them. You can also find such great planters, ceramics, baskets etc. to put them in. Don’t be shy to mix and match!

Here are some ideas:

Some plants I have had no problems keeping alive include:

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig
photo cred:

2. Delicious Monster

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3. Aloe in a vase (roots should only in about 3cm of water so they don’t rot)

photo cred: pinterest

4. Peace Lilies

Peace Lily’s are renowned for removing harmful toxins from the air.

I found a great online shop called Plantify where you can buy all sorts of plants and pots etc from the comfort of your own home. They have made it so easy to find what you are looking for, with categories like ‘low light plants’; ‘easy care plants’ etc. They have a really awesome range so do have a look if you need some ideas or inspiration. Here are a few things I spotted:

Plants don’t just make our homes look pretty- they also have health benefits:

  1. Cleans the air by absorbing pollutants
  2. Helps us breath easy by creating oxygen
  3. Reduces stress by bringing nature to your living space
  4. Improves mental health by creating a positive environment making us feel relaxed and safe

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  • Hayley

    Love this, I’m going to try the Monstera leaves in a vase & send you a picture, my monstera is massive so it needs a trim anyway 🙂

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