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Alcohol-free for the win!

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My last post noted alcohol-free drinks as one the hot trends for 2019 and boy are we spoilt for choice these days with all the alcohol-free options available. This is super exciting for the preggy ladies out there, for the non drinkers and maybe those that are designated drivers for the night! Check out these awesome options that have recently landed at Yuppiechef:

Artemis – Uplifting Botanical Alcohol-Free Cocktail

  • Refreshing, invigorating non-alcoholic drink infused with Sceletium and Sutherlandia
  • Based on the classic vodka, bitter lemon mix, Artemis consists of vodka flavour, 9% fresh lemon juice, lemon peel and grapefruit with a pinch of green peppercorn
  • Low in sugar with only 179kJ per 275ml bottle with no added sweeteners
  • The complex flavours and uplifting botanicals create a sipping drink that will make you forget that your cocktail is alcohol-free

John Ross- virgin distilled botanicals

John Ross Virgin Distilled Botanicals is a first of its kind for South Africa and the world. Virgin distilled botanicals are blended together to create a classic non-alcoholic gin, infused with honeybush tannin.

  • Non-alcoholic gin 
  • Experince a delightful essence of juniper and honeybush 
  • The best ingredients were selected blended together for you to simply sit back and enjoy every precious moment with friends and family

Vermont Vergin

It looks like gin. It is served like gin. It makes the perfect “G&T’s”… without any naughty additives, artificial sweeteners or flavours – 0% sugar, 0% alcohol.

  • 100% natural Botanical Distillates 
  • Extracts of Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, Allspice, Rose Pelargonium, Angelica, Cassia 


Ginifer Sober is a zero alcohol botanical extraction ideal for the non-alcoholic market. 

  • It is a blend of juniper berries, coriander seeds, green herbs and spices
  • Sober Dry is a clear liquid infused with garden mint and lime leaves
  • Ideally served with Indian tonic water and freshly sliced cucumber and a wedge of lemon

The Duchess

Most people would have seen their range of non-alcoholic G&T’s in the bottle but now look what they’ve got!

Nothing beats a celebratory glass of bubbles to toast a special occasion. Now anyone can charge their glass with this non-alcoholic option that tastes like gin and tonic and looks like bubbly. The Duchess Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic Bubbly comes in an elegant 750ml bottle and it looks and feels the part of truly special, hangover-free refreshment. Crafted using re-distilled juniper berries, it has the distinct gin and tonic taste, complimented by aromatic layers of locally produced botanicals. Enjoy The Duchess Bubbly with a garnish of seasonal berries or with some fresh grapefruit juice for the perfect Pink Mimosa. Pop the cork anytime, anywhere.

Check out their other drinks here:

Devils Peak Brewing Company

Rather than having to settle for the status quo, which has become an overly sweet and one-dimensional alcohol- free offering, you now have the opportunity to drink a hoppy, dynamic, and delicious pale ale from one of South Africa’s most celebrated and trusted craft breweries.

  • Packed with Citra, Cascade, Columbus and Amarillo hops, you can expect a refreshing light-bodied, alcohol free Pale Ale
  • Bright, hoppy citrus notes are supported by a light malt character with low bitterness and heaps of flavour
  • Smooth and crisp with medium-dry finish

Little Wolf Brewery

If you’re sick of the too-sweet drinks dominating fridges and bars, try this. Elgin apple juice is the foundation for this non-alcoholic cider and is complemented by American hops, which add a tropical fruit scent and herbal finish.

  • Non-alcoholic cider
  • Made from Elgin apple juice
  • Tropical notes on the nose with a herbal finish
  • Delicious on ice or with your spirit of choice


Fibs Virgin G&T comes in two delectable flavours: Classic Dry and pink Rose & Cucumber. While Fibs takes itself seriously as a healthy and guilt-free refreshment, Fibs is all about having fun. A little white lie never hurt anyone, especially when it tastes exactly like the real thing!

  • Delicious non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic 
  • Low calories
  • 0% alcohol and all the flavours of a real G&T

Danesh – Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc

To create this non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc from Danseh, mineral water, grape juice concentrates and other natural flavours are combined using hydro-biotechniques. The outcome is a drink that complements the nature and flavour of foods, especially those with a spicy palette.

Danesh beverages are also low in sugar, packed full of antioxidants, flavonoids and very low in calories.

Be on the look out for them in your local shops!

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  • Hayley

    In NZ we have a faux gin called seedlip & it’s divine! Drank it while preggy. I’ll have to bring you a bottle to try 🙂

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